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Olympiah – The translation of elegant women looking for originality and passion on a piece of clothing

Contemporary fashion is the brand proposal, exuberating with other centuries details. Created by Zilah and Stephanie Garcia, brings together with their DNA the family´s appreciation for dressmaking.

 From the union of two generations, Zilah and Stephanie Garcia, mother and daughter, Olympiah is born. A newly created label that has fascinated elegant women since the beginning. A few months after its launch, Olympiah already could count on with great achievements, presented beyond São Paulo and sold by more than ten spots within the whole country. Today, fresh as it is, it can be found in states as Minas Gerais, Goiás, Paraná, Amazonas, Bahia e Santa Catarina and we will soon be part of a multiband located in London – a big step for a three-year- old fashion company.

 The success basis has been studied for the past three years, since the Autumn/Winter 2014 launch, a Cappadocia inspired collection, with successful piece of clothing that started gaining our public´s attention. “Our dream is to dress elegant women looking for distinct fashion”, mentions Zilah Garcia, always accompanied by daughter, Stephanie, that complements: “I believe I found my way and that makes every contract successful”.

 The mother-daughter partnership has also been proven effective to cause exchanges of knowledge that results in a unique brand and that although their audience is focused on 25 to 35 year-old woman, they won by its timelessness, then in its debut, consumers of all ages. With the trademark, baroque but modernized and geometric cuts, which plays with fluid and asymmetrical silhouettes, results in sexy and sophisticated clothes. Stephanie signs the creative direction while Zilah takes care of the direction, together with the details of production and modeling - masterfully raising a four-hand process full of stories to tell.


Behind two women, a great woman

 Olympiah´s path couldn’t be drawn without the inspiration and knowledge learned with Olimpia Garcia, Stephanie´s great-grandmother and Zilah´s grandmother, who has revealed to both of them, still in their childhood, the charms and techniques of the traditional sewing machine – the oldies ones, which nowadays are seen as decoration relics. “I always remember her putting a pillow on the chair to teach me how to handle masterfully the needle and thread”, mentions Zilah. The same thing would happen, decades later, with Stephanie, that, wherever she went, she always coexisted with the common implement to the homemakers of the time. That doesn’t mean that Olimpia, today with 100 years, was a housewife: the matriarch always watched closely her children business and influenced even Zilah’s mother in the administration of a lingerie factory.

 However, the story doesn´t stop there: Olimipa, believe it or not, lived in a homonymous city in the state of São Paulo, and that was the time when Zilah and Stephanie conceived their love for the name that today baptizes the idea. “Some day we were looking for a word to our company and that was when we thought about Olimpia, and had no doubt about it. It was the place of our origins and the name of my great-grandmother”, Stephanie tells us, amused, and until today, it is part of their frequent trips to re-see both Olimpias – grandmother and city.

 Olympia guard in its characters - now spelled Olympiah - a formidable force: caused by the genealogical origins of the Garcia clan, or by the charming Brazilian city known as the Capital of Folclore in Noroeste Paulista.

Blood Ties

 It is true that, usually, mother and daughter stories are marked by similarity. However, it is not what happened with Zilah and Stephanie´s trajectory. They were joined by fashion, but with destinations punctuated by differing views - a zigzag that seems to fit as complementary opposites.

 Zilah was born and lived in Olimpia – the city where she learned to sew – until she was 15, when she left to study in a neighbor city, Ribeirão Preto. By the age of 21, she got married and moved to São José do Rio Preto, where her two daughters were born: Carol, a lawyer, and Stephanie, her partner and company CEO. Being a house maker was not on her plans, so she divided her time into studying fashion and grabbing the car to go daily to Olimpia, to work with her mother, Zuleica, in her underwear production.

 Time has passed and her passion for fabrics and textiles brought her to São Paulo, where she initially started a pillow store, and, later on, was employed by the Fashion House, owned by the stylist Fafá Oliveira, a landmark of the beginning of the millennium. “At this time, Stephanie, who was around 15 years old, came to me and tried to understand the whole process of how a fashion company works”, says Zilah, which a few months later, left Fafá and was devoted to photography.

 Meanwhile, Stephanie cultivated doubts about what career to follow. She started studying economy at Insper University in 2012. At that time, she spent sabbatical periods in Paris and London. Then, when she returned from the UK, she changed her course from economy to administration and decided, in parallel, creating her own business. Stephanie couldn´t imagine that your destiny was once again, linked to her mother´s.

Mother and daughter meeting

 The moment could not be better: In 2012, Stephanie wanted to start entrepreneurship and Zilah has just came back from India. They were both rethinking and reflecting about the paths to follow. “I needed to get something to conduct me, and besides photography, I proposed to Stephanie for us to open a brand together”, said Zilah.

 As Zilah had more experience, Stephanie accepted the challenge and her mother´s advice to study even more on this branch and left for a foreign course in Milan, at Insituto Marangoni. There she learned how to get her ideas out of the paper e at the time she got back in Brazil, besides conciliating her business course, soon, she putted full steam into the pieces that would bring identity to Olympiah, and that gave birth to her debut collection, the AW 2014, always with Zilah´s contribution in the entire process.